2021 Capital Project Vote Results

Thank you to everyone who came out to vote for our proposed Capital Improvements Project! We’re pleased to announce that the proposal was approved by district voters!

“Our instructional programs in agriculture, technology, business, and PE at SHS will benefit greatly as well as all of our student-athletes,” said SGI Superintendent Kimberly Moritz. “I’m grateful for all of the work that led us to this point. This project touches every school building in some way. It’s important that ongoing work continues with solid planning for the future so that we take care of our largest physical assets: our buildings and grounds.

“We’ll continue to keep our school community up to date as we approach the project’s initial phase which is expected to begin in early 2023!!

Springville-Griffith Institute CSD

2021 Capital Project Vote held on September 28, 2021

Yes/No Total No. of Votes Pass/Fail