Indoor Track Update

On January 12th SGI athletes competed at an indoor track meet at Houghton College. Listed below are a few highlights from the event.

55 Hurdle
Andrew Delasandro 9.55
Payton Rowe 9.07 (school record) (previous record was 9.23)
Emily Schlemmer 12.47

Brett Russell 10:50
Casey Waterman 12:35

Tim Blesy 3:31.31 (personal best)
Casey Waterman (season best)

Jaime Dickenson 1:50.66 (season best)
Payton Rowe 1:42.81 (school record) (sectional qualifier) (3rd Place)

55 dash
Tim Blesy 8.52
Topher Elkins 7.16 (season best)
Jaime Dickenson 8.43 (personal best)
Sydney Wittmer 8.21 (personal best)

Jared Hecht 4:52.40 (personal best)

Topher Elkins 37.52 (2nd place)
Emily Schlemmer 47.09 (personal best)
Evelyn Smith 46.10 (personal best)

Athlete of the week Payton Rowe