The SGI Boys Cross Country Team started league competition this week with a gigantic win over Alden. The team scored 26 out of 29 points.  The Alden Bulldogs, one of the toughest teams in the division, was a great win for the boys.  Brett Russell, Jared Hecht, Zack Peterman and Mikey Evens lead a punishing attack against Alden.  Austin Yetter, Elliot Emley, Nathan Myers and Casey Waterman sealed the competition.  The team looks primed to win their first ever division title in school history.  

The Springville Girls won a close battle winning by a score of 27 to 29.  Sonya Krezmien won the race with Hannah Goetz finishing second.  Evelyn Smith ran an inspiring race and was key to the girls win.  Jaime Dickinson, Abigail Fruehauf ,and Maggie Blake helped secure the win.  The girls also have a realistic chance to win the division this year, but they do have another tough race against Eden in a couple weeks. 

In pics,

1st pic – Zack Peterman

2nd pic – Mikey Evens

3rd pic – Evelyn Smith