A huge thank you to the dedicated members of our SGI Reopening Committee. We received the guidance documents from the New York State Education Department, the Department of Health and the Center for Disease Control July 15-17, 2020. Members of the committee studied the hundreds of pages of guidance and then met on sub-committees focused on Teaching, Learning/Student Support, Wellness, and Operations for countless hours. We collaborated on a shared document that is the resulting plan. From our first meeting on July 20 to July 28, we accomplished much by working together with good intentions to develop the best possible plan, following all guidance, for our students and school community.

Thank you to the Sub-Committee Facilitators Shanda DuClon, Christopher Scarpine, Katherine Townsend and Maureen Lee. Thank you also to JoAnn DePue, who’s constantly working to keep our district level plans up to date and moving forward.

Thank you to all of the members of the Erie 2 Regional Work Group, educators from component districts in Erie 2, who worked for six weeks prior to the guidance release to develop a playbook that we followed to form our plan.

Our SGI Reopening Committee Members are as follows. Again, thank you for all of your hard work, time and collaborative efforts!

SFA Members:

  • Joe Karb
  • Dave Yates
  • Laurie Dalton-Brown
  • Betsy Goodridge
  • Karen Reynolds
  • Jennifer Shearer
  • Colleen Gallivan
  • Mike Criscione
  • Ben Higgins
  • Jill Russell

Amy Wnuk, SES School Nurse

Kristin Sercu, Dispatcher

Rob Forster, Bus Driver

Julie Noeson, Parent Representative

Ryan Hartnett, Parent Representative

Julia Hilliker, Parent Representative

SGI Leadership Team Members:

Chris Cerrone, SGI Board of Education Member

JoAnn DePue, Director of Technology, Curriculum and Assessment

Katherine Townsend, Director of Special Education

Joseph DeMartino, SHS Assistant Principal and Athletic Director

Shanda DuClon, SMS Principal

James Bialasik, SHS Principal

Christopher Scarpine, SES Principal

Cindy Gow, SMS/SES Assistant Principal

Grants Brooke Adams, CES Principal

Maureen Lee, School Business Administrator

Dave Seiflein, Director of Facilities

Laura Watson, Director of Food Service, SGI Culinary

Ann Rugg, Director of Transportation