The NYS Education Department requirement of 180 days of school is still in effect for the 2020-21 school year. School districts are required to track daily ​attendance​. SGI will continue to utilize PowerSchool as our mechanism for tracking student attendance. During face to face instruction, daily attendance will be taken in homeroom; period by period attendance will be taken through PowerSchool. ​

To fulfil the NYS mandate, SGI has set up a check-in form via the PowerSchool Parent/Student Portal for student who are learning remotely through the hybrid or K-6 full remote model*. We will be using this form not only for attendance but to assist students with their learning/needs.  As this format is new, we understand that it may take some time to get everyone set up and become familiar with this process. We will officially begin using this form for attendance beginning Monday, September 21st. We thank you for your patience!

 * Students in grades 7-12 who will be attending the Erie 1 BOCES  eAcademy will not need to complete this form.  Your attendance will be tracked through eAcademy.

To facilitate the transition of taking remote attending through the Parent/Student portal, SGI is planning the following:

  • Teachers are being sent directions to assist students with accessing the portal and the form.
  • Students who already have accounts but need assistance with either their usernames or password can contact the Technology Office at 592-3213. Student’s usernames are their student ID number which can be found on their schedule or by asking their teacher.
  • For elementary parents who may not have access to the portal, letters are being prepared with student Access ID and passwords and directions to access the portal are being sent home with students.
  • Forms are differentiated for elementary and middle/high students.  Parents have access to the students forms to assist and/or submit for our younger students. The form will be available each day until 11:59PM. Responses to forms will be reviewed the following day.
  • Please refer to the directions to access the Remote Instruction Check-In form. It is important that everyone has the opportunity to access the Parent/Student portal prior to having submit the Check-In form. We will officially begin using the form for attendance beginning Monday, September 21, 2021.

Technical assistance for the Parent/Student Portal can be directed to Jenn Smith in the Tech Office at 592-3213.