Attention Families – Important Dates

As October rapidly approaches, I would like to remind you that we will always prioritize our in-person instructional days. For the October 12 Indigenous People’s Day Monday holiday, our Purple group will attend school in-person on Tuesday/Wednesday with deep cleaning occurring after school on Wednesday evening and our Gold group will attend in-person on Thursday/Friday as usual.

When we reach November, Veterans’ Day is on Wednesday, November 11 so our remote Wednesday instruction won’t occur.  If you pick up meals on Wednesdays, look for more information from SGI Culinary in November about when to pick up that week’s meals. For Thanksgiving week, our Purple group will attend in-person on Monday/Tuesday, with the Gold group on Wednesday 11/25. 

If you’ve been wondering “when will we get back to full in-person instruction? What will need to change for that to happen?”, we have been too! That’s a great question and one that we continue to push at the state level, but with no concrete answer yet. Our district employees, all of us, continue to work hard to keep everyone safe by following the safety requirements outlined in our reopening plan. Please continue to do your part to stop the spread of COVID-19 so that we can hopefully return our students to more in-person instruction. Thank you to everyone for all that you’re doing for our SGI students, every day.