Bringing Change to SG-I

What would you think about a PTECH center right here in Springville? PTECH stands for Pathways in Technology Early College High School and we have the possibility to bring a center to our school district. Working with Alfred State University and Erie 2 BOCES, we would offer two pathways for students: Computer Science and Electrical Construction and Maintenance Electrician. Through this collaboration, students would be concurrently enrolled in high school and college course work. Students would leave the six-year program with their Regents diploma from SGI and Associates Degree from Alfred State. This program would be available to our SGI students and other students in our region.

Imagine if we have the chance to build partnerships with area industries and equip our students to fill vacancies in high need areas! A PTECH center on our campus could also be used for adult learning in the evenings and help to grow our vibrant community. We could renovate a space like the district office into a vital PTECH learning center through a capital project that would allow the BOCES share in this project to cover the local costs. We are in the very early planning stages, just considering the possibilities now as we apply with Erie 2 BOCES and Alfred State for grant funding. This would be growth for our district and our community so I couldn’t wait to share the news! Much more to follow in the coming months.

Speaking of projects, our capital project was approved by the New York State Education Department and we have it out for bid now. We
hope to begin construction as early as February 2018. This is the project voted on by the taxpayers in 2016 and includes parking lots, sidewalks,
HVAC, a new press box and track, flooring in our buildings, and lockers at SMS among many other things.

Our leadership team and teachers continue to focus on something called Change School, a learning space where we think about redefining
rural public education. For decades our students have received a solid, fundamental education. With the accelerated change within our world, we see an urgency to transform our school system. To our solid, fundamental education, we are talking about ways to support and encourage learning opportunities that develop students’ natural curiosity, where they discover, connect, collaborate, contribute and adapt. Interested in re-imagining school and having a voice in what it means to be an SGI graduate? Please call me at 592-3230 or email me at to join our coalition for change.

Kimberly Moritz