Cardboard Boat Race

Springville High School technology department held their cardboard boat race in the pool on Friday, February 17. Students in the Principles of Engineering & CAD/CAM classes created boats made of cardboard, which were wrapped with plastic to help keep the integrity of the boats. However, students were not allowed to use things like tape or glue in the construction of the structure of the boat. Students were also tasked with calculating their water displacement of the boat.  The competition was a great success as all the boats made it down and back their first round. Then during the third round, students Kyle Albrecht and Emmitt Collins tested their swimming skills. Not only were our students enjoying this race, but our Principal Mr. Bialasik and Teacher Mr. Vogel joined in on the fun.  They made it to the final round against Michael Spagnola and Joseph Lupica, and due to superior paddling skills, the faculty boat came out victorious over the students. Congratulations to all who participated and joined in on the fun. To all of our future tech students… work on your paddling skills!