Chronic Absenteeism

SGI will follow its current Board of Education 7110 policy regarding student attendance, referenced below. School staff will follow the same procedures of intervention for those students not engaging in remote instruction. Building level attendance teams will increase the frequency of attendance meetings as needed.

The minimum attendance rate for grades K-12 is a rate of 90% of the cumulative days. Monthly attendance meetings will occur to review students who are in violation of this policy. Please note that the absence, excused or unexcused, will count toward the cumulative total of absences when a student’s attendance record is reviewed. When a student fails to meet this rate, the district will provide written notification of concern to the student’s parents. In addition, the Attendance Team may require a meeting with the parent/guardian and/or student to create an Attendance Performance Plan (positive steps the student can take to reverse the negative trend and to document ATED’s and related parental responsibilities). A parent, student, or teacher may request a review of the student’s attendance record or a conference to discuss the record at any time.