Civil War Comes to Middle School

Springville Middle School held its ears as the mortar and cannon of Reynold’s Battery fired off their artillery to end a day of re-enactment for the students on June 2.

The Reynold’s Battery has about 50 active re-enactors with a primary base in Lockport and the Finger Lakes Region. They attend Civil War re-enactments throughout New York and Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia.

The group also performs for school districts and youth organizations. For schools, the re-enactors set up stations that the students rotate through, from marching, medical, camp life, blacksmith, Underground Railroad quilt code, cannon talk, cooking, and dance to music. The re-enactors research his or her area of expertise extensively and many make their own reproduction artifacts.

Reynold’s Battery is recognized by the N.Y.S. Board of Regents and the Commissioner of Education for their educational programs they have presented for the past 33 years. Their visit has become an annual event at the Middle School. Former Principal and current Coordinator of Ancillary Student Support Services John Baronich is the group’s blacksmith.