Cross Country ECIC Results

Congratulations to Hannah Goetz who is the 2020 Cross Country ECIC champion and Kirsten Melnick who is the runner-up.  The girls will have a chance to qualify for states if they have repeat performances at sectionals.  Sectionals will be held at Bemus Point Golf Course on November 14th.  To qualify they will need to be in the top 5 runners out of the 31 “C” sized schools that attend the race.  The race will be split into 2 events to limit the number of competitors on the route. While there is no actual state invitational this year it is a great honor to qualify for the race.

Jaime Dickinson ran a gutsy race at ECIC’s after spraining her ankle 4 days before the race.  The volume of water on the course was not helping her ankle in any way.  The wet conditions and having 3 other races run the same course on that day and the day before made for very bad footing.  Jaime still persevered through the elements to qualify for the second team ECIC Allstar team by placing 8th overall in the race.  Maggie Blake finished a strong 4th.

The boys team had six members named to the ECIC Allstars.  With Austin Yetter making the 1st team and Liam smith, Nathan Cudney, Casey Waterman, Harley Maloy and Jack Tharnish qualifying for the 2nd team honors.  Austin was the lead runner for the race and finished 6th overall.  Nathan Phillips, Joshua Connors, Otto Spielberger and Christian Safford ran very well in the poor weather and ground conditions. 

The boys team finished the overall season with a 4 and 1 division record.  The only loss was to Alden (who ranked in the top 3 teams in the C sized school out of 31 teams).  The team which is made of many juniors looks to be in a good position to climb back to the top next year.

Submitted By: Coach Russell