District Honors Moritz During Final Board Meeting

The Springville-Griffith Institute Central School District Board of Education honored retiring superintendent Kimberly Moritz during her final board meeting as the district’s leader on Tuesday evening, Dec. 14. 

Moritz has served as the district’s superintendent since 2016 and has overseen a number of initiatives such as the conversion of the former district office into WNY CAM P-TECH and several successful capital projects, among others. 

“After I was offered the job, my husband and I went to our first football game and my husband said, ‘This is the nicest place you’ve ever worked,’” Moritz said. “It made me mad. I loved the other districts where I worked. He said, ‘I’m telling you. These are the nicest people I’ve seen collectively at any of the schools you’ve worked at.’ And he was so right.” 

“It’s been a generous, caring, loving place to work. We’ve been through some hard times together,” Moritz added. “It is not a typical thing to find in a district — the collective goodwill of a community.”

She told attendees to Tuesday night’s board meeting that her proudest accomplishment is the administrative team she helped to hire.

“The way we come together and support each other is so much more than the capital projects and P-TECH building,” she said. “We did some real tangible work collectively.” 

She hopes that work will continue beyond her retirement. 

“What I most hope for as I walk away towards retirement is that this continues and you don’t let it come apart or become a problem,” she said. “That you keep the team work going because there’s no one person who can make it survive. It’s much more rewarding when it’s done collectively anyway.” 

Moritz was honored by each member of the district’s board of education and colleagues on her administrative team. A representative from New York State Sen. Patrick Gallivan’s office also delivered a proclamation on behalf of the senator and Springville Middle School social studies teacher Andrew Beiter and SGI Director of Facilities David Seiflein announced that six trees would be planted on the district’s property in Moritz’s honor — each signifying a year of her service to the district. A tribute video was also shown.

“It’s been the finest imaginable way to finish my career in public education,” Moritz concluded. “I’m really grateful for the time I spent here and will always think of this community very fondly. I’m just really grateful for the opportunity.”