Gift Giving Project

Betty Ruspantini, mother of SES 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Jayne Knierim, has been knitting and crocheting hat and mitten sets for all 3rd grade and kindergarten students at SES for the last 7 years.  Mrs. Knierim’s students select their hat and mitten sets first, then they ‘shop’ for the other 3rd grade and kindergarten boys and girls.   Teams of her students then deliver the bagged sets to the other 3rd grade classrooms while explaining this tradition to those students.  From there, the 3rd grade rooms have kindergarten buddy classes and deliver the kindergarten sets to those rooms. Mrs. Ruspantini, 89 years old, loves receiving pictures and reading the thank you letters from the students. She plans to continue to share this wonderful tradition and life experience with our SES 3rd grade class for many years to come. She has already created another 150 sets in preparation for next school year! Thank you, Mrs. Ruspantini.