Grade 4 Poetry Unit

After studying the works of Robert Frost, Walter Dean Myers and Valeria Worth the students in Mrs. Gallivan and Mrs. MacSwan’s fourth grade class wrote their own poems. The inspired poems focused on a variety of poetry elements including repetition, rhyme, free verse, similes, metaphors, onomatopoeia and imagery.

Listed below are a few highlights from the class.

My Dog – By: Briana Schosek

Inspired by Robert Frost

Gold, yellow, furry

Feeling happy

Smiles at me

Feeling excited

Grumbles and howls

Feeling playful

Soft and smooth

Feeling relaxed

Clean and fresh

Feeling loved


Sparkle – By Brooklyn  Easton

Inspired by Robert Frost

Sparkly , shiny ,red ,and green

Gold and silver, Best I’ve ever seen

Pictures that sparkle; Bling, Bling, Bling

Holiday ornaments, Shimmer, Shimmer, Shining

Feelings of happiness at AC Moore

Glitter in my hands as I walk out the door

Brown Football – By Bryce Furman

Inspired by Robert Frost

There goes a football

Spiraling in the air

In the air, going for 50 yards

caught it and ran

I ran as fast as I could


Spring is Coming – By Craig Blanchard

Inspired by Robert Frost

Animals, leaves, flowers

Smell of fresh cut grass

Chirp, chirp, chirp

A song from the birds

Daffodils, tulips, lilies

Smells as sweet as pie

Drip, drip, drip

The sound of soft raindrops

Spring is here!

Cold – By Dalila Taylor

Inspired by Robert Frost

Icy snow

Falling, cold, shining, bright

White falling flakes

So pretty

Tennis – By Garrett Karb

Inspired by Valerie Worth

Warm warm

It is warm like the sun

Net net medium net

Big big court

It is big like the earth

Clean clean

Like a whistle

The Gym – By Haley Hughes 

Inspired by Valorie Worth 


She hits the mat


She does a full twist off the beam


She hits the bar

Squeak Boom Crash Bang Squeak!!!

Double Arabian onto the bar


Dismounts the bar and lands it!

Cam Newton – By Max Sebzda

Inspired by Robert Frost

Cam Newton

scoring a touchdown

Carolina Panthers

Black and blue

Leather football

Soaring in the air

Toward the end zone

Awesome quarterback


Softball – By McKenna Illig

Inspired by Valerie Worth

Running Catching

Hitting Throwing

Thwack hard as a rock

smooth as a sock

hitting hitting hitting

Throwing throwing throwing

catching catching

Catching thwack catch throw

Batter out

The Golden Dog – By Nathan Roberts

Inspired by Robert frost 

Feel fur

Fluffy, furry

Smelly, wet, stinky, gross


Lazy, droopy

Bark, bark, bark


Tap, tap, tap

A Cold Winter Day – By: Nolan Bobseine

Inspired By Robert Frost

Field green and white

Players in uniforms

Cold winter day

Fans wild

Team scores

They win

The fans are




Present – By Olivia Wampler

Inspired by Walter Dean Myers

Red and Green Christmas colors

Very fragile

As light as a feather

Makes me as excited as can be

Very very shaky

Scared if I touch it, it will break

Very large but very small

Shake shake shake

I hope you won’t snap

what if it will break

I guess I have to wait to see



In the city

Cars roll down the road

People chat

Things happen

Lights flicker

Bananas get eaten

Buildings have people work

While people chat

Football – By Trey Zittel

Inspired by Walter Dean Myers

Brown, White, Black

Mouth Watering Hotdogs

Wind Cheering


Dirt in Your Mouth

Football, Football

Down Set


My Mia – By Arianna Burgard

Inspired by Valerie Worth

Mia, Mia

Shiny as glass

Soft as a feather

Cute as a bunny

Runs like a hare

Lives outdoors

My Mia

Balk! Balk!

My Tree – By Christopher Agle

Inspired by Walter Dean Myers

My tree

Green as grass

Brown as dirt

Bumpy as rocks

Prickly as porcupines

Rough as bricks




Puck – By Brodie Glass

Inspired by Walter Dean Myers

Puck, Puck

Give me luck

Dog, dog

You’re such a hog

You are big, big

Such a pig

Hungrier than a bear

Puck, puck

Suck a duck

The Ball – By Jayden Crone

Inspired by Walter Dean Myers

Bam, flam, ham, wam!

In the sky

Rolling, bouncing

White, red


It is in the air

Fly, fly

Bye, bye!

Baseball Time – By Drew Reynolds

Inspired by Walter Dean Myers

Red, white, red, white

Round like a sphere

Smells like new shoes

Without the bows

White, red

As fast as you can

Dirt, dirt, dirt, dirt

Shining bright

Baseball, baseball

Strike, strike, strike

The Golden Dog – By Nathan Roberts

Inspired by Robert Frost

Feel fur

Fluffy, furry

Smelly, wet, stinky, gross


Lazy, droopy

Bark, bark, bark


Tap, tap, tap