Increased variety and a commitment to quality guide SGI Culinary

Quality and variety are the two words that best describe the food at Springville-Griffith Institute CSD this year. SGI Culinary is a new in-house team, led by Laura Watson, Director of Food Services for the Springville Elementary, Colden Elementary, Springville Middle, Springville High and St Aloysius.

Students will see a number of changes to increase variety when they return to school in September. International Tuesdays are a new feature this year to allow students to try items from other cuisines from around the world. Theme days are also planned to add interest to lunch time. Days such as 80s rock, Western Day and Carnival Day will allow students to have some fun, learn about something new and receive a free treat.

Students in grades 6-12 will also see a great increase in the variety of foods. A salad bar with fresh soups will be available daily, as well as flavor stations that allow students to try new herb blends and a variety of condiments. Another new option is the addition of a variety of “bars” throughout the month to allow students to make their own entrée. Pasta, baked potatoes, and mac-and-cheese bar are among the bars that will be featured this year. Fresh made pizza will be offered daily as an alternate option for 6th-12th graders.

The Griffin’s Lair at the high school is improved this year as well. Students and faculty in the high school can stop by in the morning for a selection of Gevalia coffees, cappuccinos, hot chocolate, hot breakfast sandwiches and a variety of grab and go items such as muffins, yogurts and fresh fruit, with specials offered daily. Combo meals will be available at the regular breakfast price, with coffee items extra. All combos are available as well for students that are eligible for free meals, which is held in complete confidence. Breakfast in the middle school will also feature hot items to eat in the café or grab and go items.

The elementary schools and middle school will also feature birthday celebrations, where parents can purchase a treat for the entire class to celebrate their child’s birthday and have SGI Culinary make the treat and deliver to the child’s classroom.

Overall, Watson says she is trying to keep things fun, trendy, fresh, wholesome and healthy. Watson and the SGI Culinary team are working increase the variety of fresh produce through the Farm-to-School Initiative as well as New York based, locally sourced foods. Monthly menus will be posted on and social media.

The SGI Culinary Team also encourages all families to fill out a free-and-reduced meal application so that their status can be determined as all students who qualify for reduced meals, will no longer have to pay anything for breakfast and lunch.