January Exam Week – High School

Dear Parent / Guardian:

I hope this correspondence finds you well after the holiday season.  The purpose of this letter is to provide you with additional information concerning the upcoming Regents/Midterm Exam Week scheduled for January 24-27.  Please note that we will be following a regular schedule on Monday, January 23rd.  Beginning Tuesday, January 24th, Students only need to report to school if they are scheduled to take a Regents or Local Midterm exam.  Teachers will be going through the exam schedule with their classes to ensure students know when to report, however, if you should have any additional questions please feel free to contact the high school guidance office at 592-3284.

Included in this mailing you will find a schedule for all Regents and Local Midterm exams.Please refer to your son and/or daughter’s schedule(s) to ensure they are prepared and present for the assigned examination. In the event of an examination conflict between a Regents and Local Midterm exam, the Regents exam will take precedent and the Local exam will be rescheduled to a later time. As this will be a rare occurrence, conflicts will be resolved on an individual basis.

As indicated on the schedule, morning exams will run from 7:45am-10:00am with students having until 10:45am, if needed, to complete their exam.  Afternoon exams will run from 11:45am-2:00pm with students having until 2:45pm, if needed, to complete their exam.  Supervision will be provided in the auditorium for students both before and after their exams.

BOCES vocations programs (both Ormsby and Ellicottville) are running on a normal schedule throughout the week.  Students who attend either an AM or PM BOCES vocational program who do not have an exam scheduled on a given day, will be provided with transportation as normal and will be expected to attend BOCES on those days.

Transportation:  Students scheduled for a morning exam should take their regular morning bus into school.  If students are only scheduled for an afternoon exam and need transportation they will also need to take their regular morning bus to school. Otherwise, students will be responsible for getting transportation into school.  We will be providing transportation home at approximately 10:30am for any students who only have a morning exam.

Lunches: If students are scheduled for both morning and afternoon exams or who wish to remain in school all day, we will be conducting sign-ups for bagged lunches each day.  These lunches will be available for students in the lobby.  The cost for bagged lunches will be the same as the price students pay for a typical lunch.  Of course, students can bring their own lunch if they choose.  Students will not be allowed to leave the building for lunch and return for an exam or the bus.

Information can be found on our website at https://springvillegi.org, by calling the guidance office at 592-3284 or the main office at 592-3202 should you have any questions.


James E. Bialasik