New Middle School Library Media Center Impresses Students and Staff

Looks of awe and amazement covered the faces of students as they saw the brand-new Library Media Center at Springville Middle School when it opened on January 7. Students commented on the amazing transformation of the library to a larger space that impressed students and staff alike with a number of different seating options and bright colors. Many students in their excitement remarked that they wanted to live in the library!

The space was designed to serve a number of different functions, including a Maker Space, presentation space, comfortable places to read and different sizes and heights of tables for collaborative work. Purple and yellow are prevalent, allowing the library to represent SGI pride. One teacher remarked when she walked in, “Is this really the middle school?” Most said they couldn’t believe the transformation.

Anticipation has been building throughout the year as construction continued. Middle School principal Shanda DuClon was insistent that this space be kept top secret until the day of the reveal. “The staff and students were seeing the space for the first time this week. Their reaction made all of the work and waiting worthwhile.”   The windows were covered with paper and all workers were careful to close the doors quickly as they exited the space, to keep the transformation a secret until the big reveal. When students were finally able to enter the space, they were surprised and impressed. “I can see why they kept this a secret,” said one sixth grade student.

The space is about 95% finished. More bookshelves will be installed in the coming weeks, as well as a new countertop and 2 utility sinks for the MakerSpace. Still, even the un-finished product wowed. “It used to be boring and now you actually want to be here,” said Gabby, an eighth-grade student. Others concurred with Gabby, saying that it was their new favorite space in the middle school and that they wanted to go to the library every day.

The variety of chairs and seating options was many students’ favorite feature. The space features tall tables with tall chairs, regular sized tables with wheeled chairs, tables with stools, couches for reading and desks on wheels that can be combined to make a larger table. These desks on wheels were a big hit with students. They liked the space below the desk for their belongings, as well as that the wide desk top position was adjustable. Many students said that they wanted those desks in all of their classrooms.

The room features both a large screen mounted to the wall with a presentation podium which will be great for presentations, both formal and just within a classroom. There is also a mobile display screen, which can be moved to any place in the library for use.  Mrs. DuClon said “with the library being one of the largest spaces in the middle school, it should be a hub for collaboration.  My hope is that this space is busy throughout the day and that we have created a space that is warm and inviting for our students and staff.”