New School Resource Officer Coming to SGI

Springville-Griffith Institute CSD will be welcoming a new full-time school resource officer in a few days. Rick Lundberg of the Erie County Sherriff’s office, known as Deputy Rick, will be joining the SGI team. Lundberg has served as a police officer for six years, most recently as a K-9 Officer with the Sheriff’s Department. Lundberg says that he was interested in becoming a school resource officer because through his years as an officer, he has seen a lot of different situations and becoming an SRO will allow him to take on a new challenge and see the job of officer from a different perspective.

Deputy Lundberg will remain a K-9 officer and his K-9 is a drug detection dog which can integrate with the SRO mission of keeping school safe. Additionally, Deputy Lundberg is excited about having the dog as a connection to kids and a segue to conversation. When Deputy Lundberg talks to a student about the dog, it is not a student talking to a police officer, rather it is just two dog lovers chatting. Lundberg says that he had a really positive experience with a school resource officer when he was growing up which inspired him to be an officer. Lundberg hopes that he can inspire other students like he was inspired by his SRO.

Deputy Lundberg is currently shadowing an established SRO after completing SRO training in Pennsylvania. He will start at SGI on October 15, 2019.