Professional Development at Springville-Griffith Institute will provide ongoing opportunities for all staff to support and improve the teaching and learning process in order to maximize student achievement.


  • Aligned with state content and student performance standards
  • Articulated within and across grade levels
  • Continuous and sustained
  • Indicates how classroom instruction and teacher practice will be improved and assessed
  • Indicates how each teacher in the district will participate
  • Reflects congruence between student and teacher needs and district goals and objectives


  • District-wide commitment – Professional development is worthwhile and will contribute to producing the desired results of improving student achievement, based upon district goals and direction and aligned with the New York State Standards and Assessments.
  • Professional development will be designed in a collaborative manner.
  • Professional development will provide a differentiated and developmental approach to meet individual and District needs relating to the teaching and learning process.
  • Professional development will support the implementation of best practice as evidenced by research.
  • Differentiated time will be necessary for the successful implementation of professional development.
  • The Professional Development Plan, process and practices will require ongoing evaluation.


The Professional Development committee will meet annually to review the effectiveness of the plan. The committee will review activities, opportunities and participation of staff in district-planned activities.  The committee will make recommendations if necessary and submit to the Board of Education prior to June 1. The Board of Education shall determine whether to approve the recommendations and/or revisions.