Professional Development

The district will provide teachers with ​professional development​ opportunities to enhance best practices and streamline our remote processes. Staff will be provided additional training in Google Classroom, PowerSchool, remote learning, Restorative Circle Practices and other topics as necessary to ensure a consistent approach for families and students. Professional Development in Google Classroom will include consistency in naming protocols, the set up of assignments and grading to allow for a streamlined view of the program, consistent in all buildings across the district. Also, building principals will continue to provide professional development opportunities throughout the year during staff meetings as needed.

Instructional leaders and our teachers within the district have outlined and documented gaps in curriculum and will work within grade levels and departments to continue this work. The base of this work will be to focus on priority standards and K-12 vertical alignment to guide instructional practices and curriculum prioritization. Teachers will collaborate at grade level and department to ensure alignment of instructional practices both vertically and horizontally. The district will continue to share professional development opportunities that are provided by our regional BOCES staff development specialists who are already adjusting their professional development offerings to meet the needs of districts at this time. Examples of this professional development already shared with SGI staff include:

In addition to technical support, the district will provide training opportunities for families in Google Classroom, PowerSchool, Restorative Circle Practices and other areas as needed.

Our SGI reopening plan will be available on the school district website. We are designating, in a very easy to locate webpage, all necessary information for our families with clear communication pieces and contact information. We have few ELL students but will work with our ELL teacher to develop all communication materials in the target languages spoken in the home. In addition, we will employ our parent broadcast system, blog posts, frequent messaging from building principals and teachers to update our families along the way.

Our UPK program is delivered at the Springville location of Early Bird ChildCare Centers, Inc. SGI administrator responsible for ​UPK​, Brooke Adams, will communicate with them and ensure that they follow health and safety guidelines outlined in NYSED guidance and required by the NYS Department of Health. It is expected that the UPK program will follow our SGI continuity of learning plan for in-person, remote and hybrid learning, but we acknowledge that they are also a Child Care center and so may have our UPK students in attendance every day, following the NYSDOH and Office of Early Learning guidelines for child care centers.