Read To Ride

Attention Kindergarten – 5th Graders:

Darien Lake’s Read to Ride 2019 has begun!

Want to enjoy a FREE admission to Darien Lake???

This wonderful (and easy) program rewards our children for doing something they already enjoy – reading!

What do you have to do? Students in kindergarten through fifth grade have to read a total of 7 hours between now and February 27th.  The title of the books read, along with the minutes read NEED to be logged on the attached “Student Tracking Chart”. 

Does my child have to participate? The Read to Ride program is OPTIONAL.  While your child does not have to participate, we encourage your child to participate.   Simply by reading and recording a total of 7 hours, your child will be awarded with a FREE admission ticket to Darien Lake! 

What can my child read? Your child can read books, magazines,newspapers, etc.  OUTSIDE from school.  Reading independently and reading with somebody else count!

Parent check list:

_______ Book titles have been logged on the “Student Tracking Chart”

_______ The time has been logged on the “Student Tracking Chart” (Please add the TOTAL hours when your child has read for a total of 7 hours)

_______ A parent has signed the “Student Tracking Chart” where it says, Parent Signature

_______ My child will return the “Student Tracking Chart” to his/her teacher no later than Wednesday, February 27th

Parent Letter

Student Tracking Sheet