The Springville-Griffith Institute Central School District Parent/Student Handbook and Code of Conduct contains information about our school and the policies and procedures you and your child will need to be familiar with for a successful school year. Information includes:

  • Notices to the public, staff, parents and students required by Education Law or Board Policy
  • Your child’s grades and progress reports
  • Records pertaining to your child
  • Conferences with your child’s teacher
  • Attendance policy
  • Code of Conduct
  • Electronic devices
  • Dress code

This handbook information is vital, and we want to insure that you and your child have read the handbook and that you assist your child in his/her understanding of the contents. Therefore, to acknowledge receipt of this handbook and the information contained in it, please review the statements below and return an electronically signed copy of this page to the main office.

If you have questions about anything contained in this handbook, please contact the Superintendent’s Office at 592-3230.