S-GI Fifth Graders Hold Thanksgiving Feast

Ask any Springville Elementary School teacher and they would each tell you the same: the individuals who attend and work at the North Street school building operate like a family. 

Come the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, a walk down the school’s fifth grade hallway, and the sight of tables full of food as far as the eye can see, would show you exactly why. 

A teacher serves a line of students during a Thanksgiving feast
SES fifth-grade teacher Stephanie Sullivan serves students during Tuesday’s Thanksgiving feast.

To celebrate the holiday, SES fifth grade teachers use an annual “Thanksgiving Feast” as a way to emphasize gratitude and teamwork. Earlier this week and at the end of last, students helped decide what each class will make and brought in a small item to contribute to the wide-array of options for the feast. 

“It’s a way for the kids to interact with teachers they might not necessarily interact with and really, we are a family here, so it’s just a way to celebrate the Thanksgiving tradition like it typically is celebrated at home,” said fifth-grade teacher, Stephanie Sullivan. “Students do everything from deboning the chicken to cutting up all the vegetables, peeling the apples, and mashing the potatoes. We have a lot of fun while we do it.” 

Students in Stephanie Sullivan’s fifth-grade class prepare potatoes for Tuesday’s Thanksgiving feast.

Observing COVID-19 protocols carefully, students lined up in a serving line to receive their lunch, the literal fruits of their labor, on Tuesday afternoon. Sullivan noted the experience also gives the students a deeper gratitude for what goes into the meals that they’ll enjoy on Thursday. 

“It’s a good reminder for the kids to be appreciative of all their family does for actual Thanksgiving,” Sullivan laughed. “It’s really a wonderful experience.” 

SES fifth-grade teacher Heather Tinkle serves students during Tuesday’s Thanksgiving feast.