School Safety Improvements at SGI

The safety and well-being of children in our schools is the highest priority for school administrators, parents and our community. It is everyone’s responsibility and we are looking to you to cooperate in a new procedure that will help us improve our school security.

During the course of any school day, a variety of people have real reasons to come inside, and many are here to interact with students. Parents are delivering forgotten items. Volunteers from the broader community are participating in the instructional program. Vendors are making sales calls or providing contracted services. With the capital project underway, maintenance technicians, consultants and contractors are routinely in the school to perform work related to the buildings and grounds. Keeping up with exactly who is coming and going at times seems almost impossible. If an incident occurs in a school that is the result of someone with ill intent gaining access, the immediate question is “why were they allowed to enter the building?”

We are committed to being vigilant regarding our school security. Starting February 1, 2018, all visitors to our buildings will need to leave identification with the Security Monitor or Main Office Secretary when checking in to get a visitor badge. The visitor badge will need to be worn by the visitor throughout the visit. This new process may take a little extra time for our visitors, but student safety is definitely worth it. We are working to prevent unwanted or unsafe people from gaining access to our students and staff. Please be patient and help us to do a better job!