School Schedules

The first week of the school year will look a bit different than the format for the remainder of September. SGI will welcome our students back on ​September 10 and September 11, 2020.​ It is important for our students to have the time to meet their teachers, learn the mandatory requirements around PPE and social distancing and the new protocols of the building and remote learning (arrival, dismissal, technology, transitions, etc.).

Our ​Purple Group​ will come in on Thursday, September 10 and the ​Gold Group​ will come in on Friday, September 11, 2020.

The following week, our school buildings​ will follow​ a 2 day in-person/3 day remote schedule, dividing every class by 50% allowing for social distancing guidelines to be followed. The ​Purple Group​ will learn in person on Monday and Tuesday and the ​Gold Group ​will learn in person on Thursday and Friday. All students will be learning virtually on Wednesday.

Schedules will be built in every school to allow for a return to full in-person as soon as allowable and prudent. We will continue with the 2/1/2 Learning Plan until we are able to return all students to full in-person instruction or are instructed to go to full remote learning. We will constantly reevaluate, and make decisions given the rate of infection within our region of NY and within our own community, following the executive orders of the governor and all DOH/CDC guidance.

To further illustrate this schedule, consider the following. As a teacher, I will have half of my class in attendance on Monday/Tuesday. I will prioritize those lessons that most require face to face instruction with students, allowing for more project based or individual work to be done on the three remote learning days. On Thursday/Friday, I then teach the other half of my students, grouped into their own cohort, as I did on Monday/Tuesday. It’s important for families and students to understand that while both cohorts will be learning the same content, they may not be doing so during the same week. ​Therefore, attendance of students is important and required on both remote and in-person learning days.

Our teachers are working daily to support learning for all students. Wednesdays are the remote learning day for all students and our teachers are teaching on Wednesday, available for contact via Zoom, email, phone calls to teach and support learning. Teachers will deliver lessons/hold office hours/engage with students on Wednesdays for a minimum of four hours and the hours of the school day are  consistent with that of each building.  We will also plan to staff an open online room (Zoom, Google Meet), where students can, by school building, sign on or call for help with any work or assignments during the day.  Teachers will clearly communicate to families and students the times that they are leading learning consistently each week on remote learning days. 

PowerSchool​ will be used to track completion of ​assignments, grading and attendance.​ The district will return to grading protocols, policies and procedures in place prior to the closure in March. ​Work assigned during the remote days will be graded as determined by the classroom teacher.

As a NYS public school district, our instructional program, whether in-person, hybrid, or remote, is at all times aligned to the NYS Learning standards. Teachers will work collaboratively at grade level or subject area to identify any gaps in learning from the sudden March-June 2020 school closures and to identify power standards for primary focus. Teachers will collaborate by department/grade level to develop common communication methods and instructional delivery models utilizing an interdisciplinary/project-based approach when possible. The District will utilize Google Classroom​ ​as the main platform for communication, posting of instructional activities and plans for the week. If a teacher is utilizing their webpage as a means of communication, it must be posted and funneled through the Google Classroom platform. Communication to parents through this platform will be concise, direct and consistent. Teachers will be able to instruct students how to better access and utilize the Google Classroom platform and provide them support during face to face instructional days. Teachers will utilize best practices developed for remote learning.

Our district reopening plan provides for a program that includes regular, substantive interaction between teachers and students whether delivered through in-person or remote models of instruction.

Every effort will be made to ensure daily contact with each and every student, with daily attendance taken on in-person and remote learning days. We anticipate some flexibility for the times in which students are working remotely but it will be imperative that all students have access to teachers during the remote learning days. Given our 2/1/2 model described within this plan, we will work collaboratively to employ all teachers, teaching assistants, and aides to supplement the instruction for the regular classroom teacher if needed. For example, a teacher who has in-person instruction with half of their students Monday/Tuesday and the other half on Thursday/Friday will need support to connect with their remote students. This may be supplemented by those teachers who are available because the nature of their own workload allows them to be available to help with core instruction needs.

Questions in regards to technology should be directed to the Technology Office at 592-3213. The office is open Monday through Friday during regular school hours.