Increasing Contact Time with Students at SES, January 14, 2021

As we inch closer to the one year mark of the COVID pandemic, we have been continually evaluating our academic programs and exploring ways in which we can improve. With the number of students attending SES, we are still unable to have all of our students back 100% in-person all day under the current COVID guidelines. In an effort to increase contact and continuity of time with students, SES is exploring the option of bringing our students back five days per week for half days. When we consider that we may not be back to full in-person school before the end of the 20-21 school year, we believe it’s critical to improve opportunities for learning wherever we can.

What do we gain? The #1 advantage of a shift to 5 half days per week is the increased teacher contact time for every student and the elimination of the 5 days without direct teacher support. This change also eliminates the frustrations associated with virtual learning as students would be getting their four core subjects in-person at school. Instead of lessons on remote days, students would have more traditional practice work to support the learning in class that day. We understand that this option may create childcare challenges for families. We have partnered with Early Bird, The Club of Springville and Salem Lutheran to ensure these facilities are able to offer childcare options to our families for the other half of the school day, 5 days per week.

We ask you to complete the following survey to give us a better idea of your thoughts about this change. We recognize that any change can be a challenge but we hope that you’ll agree that this improves learning for every child. Thank you all for your continued cooperation and support as we work to provide all of our students with the best education possible under the current circumstances.

Can your family manage this change to 5 days per week, half days with one cohort in the morning and one in the afternoon? Transportation and lunches will be provided by the district every day.

If we move ahead with this change, we will be sure to give you a week or two to prepare. CES, SMS and SHS are also working to increase contact time for students and are doing so in their own unique ways to accommodate their schedules and to do so in whatever way safely meets the COVID guidelines.

Mr. Christopher Scarpine, SES Principal