SES Student Council: Connecting to Its’ Communities

Committed to helping both the school and local community, the SES Student Council has just completed its fourth major project of the school year.

In November, upon completion of our annual Hat Drive we delivered over 350 new hats to the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in downtown Buffalo. The hats will be worn by local WNY children fighting cancer and other illnesses. This is our fifth year participating in this important cause.

Our next endeavor was the SES Holiday Food Drive which benefits Springville’s LOVE Inc.’s food pantry.  We are proud to say we collected over 744 food items with an approximate total value of $1492.00. Sorry, we try to connect to everyday math every chance we get!

Continuing to connect to our local community, we chose the Heritage Building at the Concord Historical Society as this year’s benefactor of our annual SES Student Council’s Valentine Coin Toss. Over the ten-day event, our students tossed coins totaling $576.02. Our effort impressed the museum’s Board of Directors so much, they have decided to match our contribution. That’s $1150 towards the new Heritage Building. Noteworthy, is the fact that the SES fourth grade classes have visited the museum annually over the past twenty years.

Most recently, we turned our efforts inward to our own school as the Student Council hosted its annual McTeacher Night at Springville’s local “Golden Arches.” Twelve teachers, our principal, Student Council members and friends from the school and local community packed Mickey D’s to help us raise over $700 for our SES PTA.

We will wrap the year up on April 26, cleaning and gardening around Tellgren’s Terrace, a small intimate garden and picnic area honoring our late former principal, Scott Tellgren. Tellgren’s Terrace is located between the Elementary and Middle Schools for the community to enjoy.

Needless, to say our twenty-five fourth and fifth grade SES Student Council members support their communities 100%!