SGI Clothing Closet

The SGI Clothing Closet recently opened on the second floor of Springville High School. The Clothing Closet is a school-based clothing store. It is run by Nicole Baran’s students who are learning vocational skills. On March 1, 2021 the store opened its doors for the first time to Springville High School students. The store survives on donations from students and staff members. All donations are cleaned, inventoried and displayed for customers. Clothing, shoes, and accessories are available to students at no cost. The SGI Clothing Closet also sells homemade gifts such as bath bombs and sugar scrubs, which come in a variety of flavors. The homemade gifts are seasonal and the selection of items for sale will change regularly. The store is open during periods 6-8 (student lunches). Donations are always accepted and may be dropped off at the high school in the main foyer. In the past two weeks, the store has “sold” over 90 items!