SGI Culinary Prepares for “Chef for the Day”

SGI Culinary is busy preparing for their first ever “Chef for the Day” on Tuesday, January 28. In early January, all middle school students were invited to put their name into a drawing to be chosen as the Chef for the Day. Chef Ryan Kruszka was selected, and he chose Lexi Shivens as his sous chef.

They met with Ms. Laura Watson, Director of Food Service, to plan the menu that was served to the whole district for Chef for a Day day. Ryan and Lexi planned Ryan’s Rodeo Burger, green beans, ranch steak fries and Lexi’s fruited trifle.

They will be working with the Middle School Culinary team during production and will serve at SES. While they assist with serving, any break they get in the line, Ryan and Lexi will go out and talk to students and get feedback about their menu.

SGI Culinary is excited for the event and looks forward to having more events in the future.