Social Emotional Well-Being

  1. Our district and building level comprehensive developmental school counseling program plans, developed under the purview of our certified school counselors, are reviewed and updated to meet current needs. The SGI Reopening Sub-Committee of Learning/Student Support will inform the necessary changes to the school counseling program plan. Comprehensive School Counseling Guidance Plan 2019.pdf
  2. SGI will create a section on the district webpage which will house information for families, students and community to address mental health, behavioral and emotional support services and programs. This will include:
    • Frequently asked questions
    • Family Support Center information
    • Links for quick, easy access to links in local community and Erie county
  3. Support staff will continue to grow in their professional development to meet the needs of students. Social workers employed by SGI will continue to participate in a coalition group. High school counselors will participate in the Safe Schools initiative and WNY counselor consortium. School psychologists will continue to attend consortium meetings. Additionally, the district will address the professional development needs for all faculty and staff to support students during and after the COVID-19 public health emergency by providing access to:
    • Teacher Center course offerings
    • Training videos are available through our Right To Know- Safe Schools website and include “Coronavirus- Managing Stress & Anxiety, and Student Mental Health”.
    • Counselors, Social Workers, School Psychologists will provide mental health resources for staff and students which may include workshop offerings or in class lessons on coping and resilience skills and how to identify students at risk.
  4. When a teacher newly identifies a student at risk they may contact the family and a member of the Student Support Team to assess the student’s well being. Depending on the assessment and nature of behaviors, the following steps will be followed.
    • Students will receive interventions at the classroom level, which may include restorative practice or other interventions.
    • If concerns persist, our Student Support Team will collaborate to address student needs. This may be done virtually or through a meeting with the individual student or group.
    • If there isn’t improvement, the Student Support Team will contact the building principal and determine the proper outside agency to address student needs. They will contact families to provide referral information and collaboratively develop a plan for the student in need.