School hours are from 8:45 AM to 3:30 PM.  Students who arrive AFTER 9:00 AM will be marked Absent/Tardy for the day.  The learning day ends at 3:15 PM.

Students are not to be dropped off before 8:30AM as there is no adult supervision.  Students who are walking, biking, rollerblading or skateboarding should arrive at school no earlier than 8:30AM.  This must be adhered to for safety purposes.

Buses start loading at 3:15 PM, leaving SES at approximately 3:30 PM.


*** Permanent Pass Request Form

Due to an increased number of students on each bus, requests for transportation other than to a designated child-care provider or home must be submitted in writing in advance.  If you are requesting a change in your child’s dismissal/transportation, a note is to be sent to school with your child containing all pertinent information.  The change will be logged and your child will receive a bus pass.

** NOTE:  Any Changes to your child’s dismissal schedule must be made in WRITING prior to 11:00AM.  You may email the office staff at OR Fax Number 592-3264.

** Changes after 11:00AM will not be accepted due to the difficulty of informing all necessary parties with such short notice.


Children who are consistently picked up and children who bring a note indicating they will be picked up rather than ride the bus will go directly to the gym to be dismissed to the designated adult.  Dismissal begins at 3:15 PM.

In order to provide a safe dismissal environment, parents/guardians are asked to park at the Middle School lot and walk on the sidewalk nearest to the Elementary School and enter the 3rd/4th grade entrance by the basketball court.  The doorway will be opened by a member of our SES Staff at 3:00PM.  Then, the parent/guardian will need to sign out his/her child(ren).  Parents/Guardians must remain in the designated area until their child is dismissed and then may exit the building through the 3rd/4th grade exit.  This procedure is for the safety and welfare of our Springville Elementary students.


Occasionally parents/guardians may request to have their child excused before regular dismissal time (i.e. emergency, doctor’s appointment, etc) at 3:15PM. A note should be sent to school with your child in the morning.  This note will be sent to the Main Office and the change will be logged.  Parents/Guardians picking up their child(ren) before 3:00PM, must come to the Main Office to sign their child(ren) out.

Please note that your child’s learning day ends at 3:15 PM.


The following information should be included in a note requesting a change in dismissal:

  • Date
  • Child’s full name and classroom teacher
  • Full Name of the person picking up the child(ren)
  • For an early dismissal- pick-up time
  • For a bus change- complete information about the new destination (location, name, address, phone number)
  • Your signature (print your name as well if your signature is not legible)