Ordering A Yearbook:

Order your yearbook now for the best deal of the year.  They can be ordered from jostensyearbooks.com. The prices will go up throughout the year.

Order Your Yearbook Here:

2021 Yearbook

Submitting Pictures:

The Griffonell (yearbook) is looking for candid pictures of the following events:

  • Siblings
  • Summer fun or vacations
  • Students at work
  • Fall fun
  • Sports candids

If you have a great picture and want a chance to be in the yearbook email your photo to Ms. Rosenswie as soon as possible (mrosenswie@springvillecsd.org).

Senior Baby Ads:

The Senior Baby Ad section means a great deal to our seniors and their friends every year. It is a way to publicly recognize your special graduate. Parents often purchase these as a surprise gift to their senior children. Contents may include a message and pictures.

Deadline:  January 1, 2021 (any submissions received after the deadline will not be included in the yearbook – no exceptions). Please submit digital version ONLY to Jostens.com. We are not accepting physical copies of photos this year.

Important BABY PICTURE information:

  • Must be completed online – no physical copies
  • No torn pictures.
  • No pictures that contain inappropriate content.


  1. TWO PICTURES requiredDUE to MS. ROSENSWIE by November 3rd, 2020.
  • FORMAL PICTURE – this picture will be used in the yearbook and in the senior wall composite that will hang in the hallway. (This was taken over the summer by our professional photographer. You need to decide which photo you would like to have in the yearbook)
  • CASUAL PICTURE – this picture will appear next to your formal picture in the yearbook. If you do not submit a casual picture your student ID will be used. Please contact Ms. Rosenswie if you would like to set up an appointment to have your picture taken by our Photography students.
  • How would you like your name in the yearbook? Let Ms. Rosenswie know by 10/9/20.


  • Both of these images may be taken free of charge by the school photographer (InterState Studios). The images will then be available for purchase.
  • In order to be part of the senior wall composite the formal picture MUST be taken by the school photographer.
  • If you choose to have either of these photos taken by another photographer, you must let them know the DUE date for submission (11/3/20).
  1. Senior QuoteDUE September to Ms. Rosenswie by 10/9/20 mrosenswie@springvillecsd.org
  • Quote must be appropriate
  • 20 word limit
  • Source must be identified (and will be verified)
  1. Senior Candids – Please feel free to submit pictures from high school (or even grade school) for the senior collage pages. mrosenswie@springvillecsd.org

Questions? EMAIL Ms. Rosenswie: mrosenswie@springvillecsd.org