Springville Middle School Science Olympiad Team

On Saturday, March 4th, the Springville Middle School Science Olympiad Team competed in the Erie Niagara Regional competition held in Buffalo.  Of the 17 teams represented, Springville finished in 7th place!  After months of practice, each of Springville’s team members were prepared to compete in 2, 3 or even 4 different challenging events.  Students engineered hovercraft, vehicles, wind turbine blades, bottle rockets and towers.  They also studied to take tests in the areas of Meteorology, Astronomy, Anatomy, Herpetology, Geology and more.  Their hard work paid off!

The team brought home a total of 10 medals.

Blaze Schelble and Alexis Rogers won 4th place medals for their score on a test called “Dynamic Planet”,

Nate Cudney, Ben Einerson and Jake Lazarus won 4th place medals for an event called “Experimental Design”.

Megan Schneider won a 5th place medal, with the help of Serena Salamone, for the test she took on Herpetology – the study of reptiles and amphibians.

Campbell Brown and Nate Cudney won  2nd place medals for an event about “waves and optics”.

Keaton Wnuk and Sam Gottstine won 5th place medals for an event called “reach for the stars” which tested their knowledge of astronomy.

Long hours of construction, preparation and outstanding work was also done by team members Justin Simmons, Zach Hughey, Adam Moody, Austin Boies, and Ben Einerson.

Congratulations to the entire team and to the coaches:

Mrs. Hughey, Mr. Dillsworth, Mr. Baykal and Mr. Reese.