Student Participate In Cetacean Expedition

On April 27 a group of SGI students embarked on a cetacean expedition in search of Humpback whales. The student spent three days with naturalists learning the different aspects of Marine Biology. They collected specimens from tidal zones and from bay dredging and kayaked into the unique salt marsh ecosystem. The climax of the trip was seeing the leviathans of the sea the long anticipated Humpback Whales. Overall they photographed and collected data on nine whales one named pipette ( how appropriate for a science student). The data is submitted to a database that tracks the migration of these whales. The students stay at a sea camp in cabins on the ocean to continue their natural encounters into the evening. Prior to embarking the students have attended marine biology classes and dissections after school to have exposure to this unique and fragile environment thus hopefully instilling a feeling of stewardship . On the last day they visited the world famous Boston sea aquarium to see all types of sea life. Overall the students had a WHALE OF A TIME!