Swimming and Diving

The girls varsity swim team is off to a great start.  Last week we hosted our annual non-league meet against Pioneer and won 71-31.  Not only did the win elevate our team, but our personal accomplishments did as well.  We had 16 qualifying Class/Sectional times, and 19 ECIC times, and 23 personal best times and splits as a team.  The team is led by captains Chloe Milbrand and McKenzie Galvin.  Both of these girls leadership brings together the team’s ability to work hard, stay committed, and never give up!  Our family oriented team of 26 girls are very supportive of each other and the best part of this team is that we celebrate all our successes!  This team has a very bright season ahead of them, and with their perseverance and determination we are trying to get as many of our girls to qualify for ECIC’s and/or Class meet.  Yesterday we had our first league opener at home against Depew.  The team won 90-9.  It is very difficult in our league to get pushed with the many strengths on our team.  When we go against the smaller teams we just try to stay focused on personal best times and showing great sportsmanship to the opposing team.  Elle Holland broke her own pool record for the 100 backstroke with a time of 1:03.89.   As a team we added 5 more Class/Sectional times, to make it 13 girls out of 26 that have qualified for post season meets.  In addition, we had 19 personal best times overall as a team.  Post Season qualifiers are: Lexi Blesy, McKenzie Galvin, Abby Moscato, Sydney Emley, Lauren Ditchey, Olivia Langa, Allie Lavanture, Anna Lawton, Sadie Olrogg, Elle Holland, Emily Schlemmer, Hannah Bergner, and Carley Delaney.  Next week Tuesday we host Tonawanda in hopes to add more names to our list!  Congratulations girls on a great start to our 2017 season!

Submitted By: Coach Reynolds