Teaching and Learning

Our reopening plan includes a continuity of learning plan for the 2020-2021 school year. Our plan prepares for in-person, remote, and hybrid models of instruction.

Beginning September 10, 2020, all of our students will participate in a hybrid model of instruction to allow social distancing. Half of our students will attend in-person instruction on Monday/Tuesday, and will participate in remote learning on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The other half will attend in-person instruction on Thursday/Friday, with remote learning taking place on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. We will group families together on the same two days of in-person instruction. Students will be initially grouped alphabetically and then placed into Monday/Tuesday or Thursday/Friday cohorts by family/household. Students who reside in the same household will be assigned to the same cohort. Parents will be notified of the days students will be attending school in-person. If needed, requests for adjustments to a child’s schedule will be considered as possible and aligned with numbers for social distancing guidelines.

If you decide to keep your children home, we offer a full remote option. Our teachers will be committed to the in-person, socially distanced instruction of our students on Monday/Tuesday and Thursday/Friday with full remote learning for everyone on Wednesday. Once we better understand the number of students by grade level who select the full remote option, we can determine better how we will staff this 5-day full remote learning. You are committing to the full 5-day remote learning option for the entirety of the first trimester if your child attends CES or SES and for the entirety of the first semester if your child attends SMS or SHS AND you must have the capacity to manage this with Internet connectivity and devices. Please complete this form by 3:00 pm on August 19, 2020 to commit to full remote learning. https://forms.gle/fQD8ZSubdaLqQNNC6

It is our hope that this hybrid start to the school year will be safe and effective for all students and employees. We also hope that the COVID-19 infection rate in NYS and our local region will remain low. Our plan will be to pivot to a full in-person plan, as soon as possible when the infection rate and guidance from DOH/CDC/NYSED and Governor Cuomo allow. Our school schedules will be designed to accommodate the modified hybrid model but to then transition to a full in-person model easily. If the infection rate spikes and we’re ordered to full remote again, we can also transition to do so. The start of the school year with at least two days in-person will allow our teachers, counselors, administrators to form strong relationships with our students. Our focus will be on the SEL needs of our students in the first few weeks of school, for example, with restorative practices used daily to establish relationships and to identify the needs of our students.

Our most vulnerable students, in small self contained special education classrooms of 8:1:1 and 12:1:1, will return to school four days a week, Monday/Tuesday and Thursday/Friday. Students in outside placements will follow the schedule of the building that they attend. More details will be forthcoming as we have them.