Technology and Connectivity

The access to technology and the connectivity of both staff and students is important to any instruction that will be provided in a remote setting. For the initial closure, staff and students were surveyed to determine access to devices and availability of internet access in their place of residence. Based on the responses of the survey staff and students were provided with devices. In this reopening plan additional outreach is needed to determine needs of families for the planned hybrid instructional plan. Prior to returning to school the district will complete a technology survey with each of our families to determine the needs to provide devices and address internet connectivity. The survey will include the following questions:

  • Does your child(ren) have access to a dedicated device (chromebook, PC, MAC, Laptop)? The device should not include any that are shared with other siblings or used by a parent for work.
  • Does the device have a webcam/microphone/speakers?
  • Do you have a reliable high speed internet connection in your home?
  • If yes, what type of connection do you currently have?
  • Mifi, Satellite or Cable
  • Does the connection have unlimited or limited data?

Based on the responses of the survey, the district will distribute devices while students are attending in-person instruction. Students will receive training in how to access programs, assignments and communication from the district. Our intention is to provide devices for students in grades 6-12, where high school students may elect to use their own personal devices (chromebook, laptop or desktop) with a keyboard and web camera. The district will continue to have devices available at the elementary level. Devices will be distributed while students are attending in-person instruction and will receive training in how to access programs, assignments and communication from the district.

The district will continue to use its OPEN WIFI throughout the district (accessible throughout campus and parking lots). Staff and students can connect to our open platform to access the Internet. The district will work with families whose geolocation is not hindered by MiFi capabilities and try to accomodate this group with wireless devices. All district devices will be filtered using the iBoss Internet filter to keep students safe while browsing the web.

Students who do not have sufficient access will be provided with instructional materials that can be accessed off-line and/or in paper format in addition to the support they will receive while attending in-person days. Teachers will utilize multiple forms of instruction to meet the technical needs of our students. For those students in the primary grades or those without connectivity due to geolocation, teachers will be encouraged to use paper activities while students are at home and digital when in school. Teachers will provide both online and in-person instruction to all students to assess mastery of the NYS Learning Standards. Additional supports will be provided for students on an as needed basis. Building principals will coordinate directly with families to develop individualized plans that meet the needs of their students, including but not limited to bringing students into the building as needed.