Track Team Compete At Evangola State Park

Yesterday at Evangola State Park, the Girls and Guys Cross Country Team competed against Lake Shore. Both teams came away with victories and the girls remain unbeaten in their division.

The girls team was led by Elle Russell and Sonya Krezmien, who finished 1st overall and 3rd.  Close behind were Hannah Ghetz, Lizzy Miranda and Corrin Sacilowski.  Evelyn Smith, Gwen Fruehauf and Jaime Dickinson raced well to help the girls team defeat Lake Shore by the score of 26-32(low score wins).

The guys team tight pack of runners was very fast and defeated a strong Lake Shore guys program.  Nick Abdo, Mikey Evans, Brett Russell and Zack Peterman all finished in that pack.  Nathan Myers, Austin Yetter and Casey Waterman ran tough and aided the Griffs if their victory with a score of 27-30.