1. All buses (conforming and non-conforming to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Standards, as well as type A, C or D) which are used every day will be cleaned/disinfected once a day by drivers. High contact spots must be wiped down by the driver after each a.m. and p.m. run. All buses shall NOT be equipped with hand sanitizer due to its combustible composition and potential liability. School bus drivers, monitors and attendants are prohibited from carrying personal bottles of hand sanitizer with them on school buses.
  2. All transportation staff will be trained and provided periodic refreshers on the proper use of personal protective equipment, the signs and symptoms of COVID-19, and the proper use of social distancing.
  3. All transportation staff will be provided with PPE such as masks and gloves.
  4. All school bus drivers, monitors, attendants and students MUST wear a face covering at all times on the buses. Students who do not have a mask will NOT be denied transportation. Instead, the student will be provided a mask by the driver or monitor on the bus.
  5. Any student with a disability which would prevent them from wearing a mask will not be forced to do so or denied transportation. Instead, we will assure that they are transported following social distancing guidelines.
  6. All monitors, drivers and attendants who must have direct physical contact with a child must wear gloves.
  7. Hand sanitizer will be provided within the transportation facility, including the driver break room.
  8. The self-health assessment for symptoms of COVID-19 before arriving to work will be required of all transportation staff, as it is for all other district employees.
  9. We will provide transportation to nonpublic, parochial, private or students whose Individualized Education Program have placed them out of district whose schools are meeting in-person as requested and following all other protocols herein.
  10. We will instruct students and parents to maintain 6-foot distancing at bus stops and while loading and unloading.
  11. We will seat students from the rear of the bus forward to prevent students from walking past each other. To prevent students from walking past one another, afternoon runs should be boarded based on the order in which students will be dropped off. (Students who get off first should board last and sit in the front.) Children will be seated on the bus back to front. One child per seat unless siblings are riding together. Every attempt will be made to seat children socially distant (6 ft). Children will be asked to sit closest to the window in each seat and wear their mask. Each child will be assigned a seat.
  12. In order to maintain proper social distancing the district will pick up/drop off students at their home residence(s) and no more than one alternate location. Court ordered parental agreements will be adhered to. Alternate locations may include daycare, relative homes or other predetermined residence.
  13. Cleaning protocols will be in place on buses as follows: Cleaning will be rigorous and ongoing following CDC, NYSED and County Health Guidelines. Staff will keep on file a daily cleaning log documenting date, time, and scope of cleaning for each bus. All staff will be trained in the proper cleaning procedures to be completed in-between runs and at the conclusion of the day. Training will include equipment, chemicals and process. As part of our SafeSchools training staff will be required to complete an online training session on COVID-19 safety ( Poster/Videos and other training information will be available throughout the bus garage.The district will provide proper PPE (masks, face shields, gloves, other approved PPE) to busing personnel. Disposable masks will be available to students who do not have one. Masks are required to enter the bus, unless there is a medical exception.
    • Areas considered high-risk will be disinfected between each individual’s usage. This would include bus seating.
    • Continual cleaning and disinfection of high touch areas (door handles and seats) will take place after each bus run with a sanitizing solution. Each bus will be sprayed with a sanitizing solution at the end of each day.
    • Deep cleaning will take place at the conclusion of each scheduled Purple or Gold Group session including mopping floors, cleaning windows, wiping all surfaces and sanitizing.
    • As part of the morning health check routine families will be asked to have their children wash their hands prior to entering the bus in the morning. The district will provide hand sanitizing stations in the main entryways of the schools and we have hand sanitizer in every classroom.
    • Drivers and attendants as part of their daily health routine will wash and sanitize their hands prior to entering the building and the bus.
    • Transportation Staff will complete the NYS health survey prior to entering the building each day. Bus drivers will be required to wear facial coverings at all times. Students and staff must wear face coverings at bus stops and on buses. Face shields will be available if needed.