Welcome to the Meeting!

The S-GI Board welcomes residents, staff members, students and others to its meetings.

Your interest in and concern for our schools is appreciated. A board meeting is open to the public, but is not a public meeting. This brochure explains policies and how to participate. Decisions of the school board affect the education of our children and the well being of our community. The Board can better represent its constituents when members of the community take the time to observe the Board in action, to express opinions, and to ask questions.

We are pleased to have you here and hope you will join us often.

What is a Board of Education?

The Board is responsible for developing the official policies of the school district and for supervising the Superintendent of Schools. Seven district residents are elected on a rotating basis to the Board at the district’s annual meeting; they serve without pay.

Superintendent of Schools

The Superintendent of Schools is selected by the Board and is the chief executive officer of the district. As such, the Superintendent is responsible for the administration of all policies adopted by the Board, and the execution of all decisions concerning the internal operations of the school system made by the Board. The Superintendent advises the Board on the needs and programs of the schools.

James Bialasik – Superintendent of Schools • 592-3230


District Clerk

The Clerk prepares meeting agendas and posts notices of Board meetings, writes and indexes the minutes of Board meetings, is legal custodian of all Board records, publishes legal notices and executes official documents on the Board’s behalf. The Clerk oversees district votes and elections.

Kathy Tucker – District Clerk • 592-3230


Responsibilities of the Board

The Board is responsible for establishing the quality of education in the district. As elected officials, they represent the public in:

  • Defining the direction of the district
  • Setting goals and objectives to achieve educational progress
  • Establishing policies for the operation of the school district
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of district policies
  • Developing a budget consistent with education needs and community resources

Workshops/Executive Sessions

The Board schedules workshops in addition to regular meetings. Workshops are planning meetings at which the Board discusses pre-determined topics and hears reports on those topics from the Superintendent and others. All workshops are open to the public.

The Board meets in executive session to discuss personnel matters, labor negotiations and other matters that are confidential as defined by the Open Meetings Law of the State of New York. Executive sessions can only be held by resolution at a regularly scheduled and advertised special or business session. All executive sessions are closed to the public. The Board is not permitted to take any formal action while it sits in executive session nor are individual Board members permitted by law to disclose information discussed in executive session.

Meeting Agenda

The usual order of business at regular meetings is:

  • Call to Order
  • Approval of Agenda/Addendum
  • Public Expression
  • Old Business
  • Public Presentations
  • Reports
  • Consensus items, General Business, Personnel, etc.)
  • Items Pulled from Consensus
  • Non-Consensus Items
  • New Business
  • Public Expression
  • Correspondence/Announcements/Information
  • Future Board Meetings/Events
  • Executive Session
  • Adjournment

Seated with the Board are the Superintendent of Schools, Business Administrator, Student Representative of the Board, and District Clerk. The Clerk records the minutes of the meeting and does not vote; the Student Representative does not vote; the Business Administrator does not vote; the Superintendent does not vote. The Board of Education must have a quorum in order to conduct business. Only members of the Board of Education, including the president, have a right to vote on resolutions being considered.

Information is Available

Copies of the meeting agendas are available to the public at each meeting and also may be found on the district website under the Board of Ed tab. The agenda outlines the order of business. The president may change the order with Board approval.

The agenda and supporting documents are sent to Board members in advance of the meeting date to allow them to study and review the information. It also enables them to be prepared to discuss each item prior to reaching their decision.

It may appear as if some items are being voted upon during the meeting with little or no discussion. This is not the case. Some items may have appeared on previous agendas, or may have been discussed at length during a special or executive session.

Public Expression

Persons wishing to address the Board shall advise the District Clerk prior to the Public Expression portion of the agenda. In accordance with Board Policy 1510, Regular Board Meetings and Rules, the request shall be made in writing on a form provided by the District, which are available at each Board meeting and shall include the name of the speaker, the address, telephone number, name of organization represented (if any) and a brief description of the topic to be addressed. The public is advised that Board of Education meetings are audio recorded and the recordings are made available to the public on the district’s website in order to facilitate the open communication of public business.

Comments also may be made in writing to the Board. Correspondence should be addressed to:

    • Springville-Griffith Institute Central School District
    • Board of Education
    • 267 Newman Street
    • Springville, NY 14141

Public Hearings

Public hearings or information meetings are held on issues of major importance. The Board may make a brief presentation, but the primary focus of the meeting is hearing comments from the public.


Community residents having questions regarding specific aspects of the schools’ programs may obtain the best information by talking directly with a student’s teacher or a building principal. Information on a district-wide program or a special concern may be provided by contacting the District Superintendent’s Office at 592-3230.

The Board of Education usually meets at 6:30 p.m. at the Middle School Library Media Center located at 267 Newman Street, Springville, New York unless otherwise announced. The Board may schedule additional meetings or meetings at other locations in the district, and all meeting dates and sites are available on our online calendar.

Please check our District Calendar for dates and times.